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Facts about Thamby

How Thamby would call few things when he was a baby?.

Gary's Vocabulary

Baby Garykalan

Window >>-<< Mindow
Straw >>-<< Phone
Moolan >>-<< Funka
McDonalds >>-<< McCodos
Three >>-<< Thee
Wait >>-<< Bait
Ah-Oh >>-<< Ah-Ah-Ah-Oh
Restaurant >>-<< Restaur



On Thamby's Birthday
Which American superstar shares birthday with Garykalan?


Do you know what humans achieved 26 years before Gary was born, on July 20th , 1969?.
This is what humans dreamed about since the day they looked up the
heaven .



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Suba and Garykalan

Garykalan with his beloved sister, Subashini


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